When trying to fill a position in a company it can often become stressful and time consuming experience, most companies don’t even think about the simple solution that can help them fix this problem. Hiring a recruiter!

A recruiters goal is to find the perfect applicant for your company.

When looking to fill a role at your company, the livelihood of the company often relies on the roles that you are filling. Why leave something so essential up to chance? They can tell you the influence that an applicant can have on your company and what role they will work best in.


Using a recruiter will save you time and money.

Filling a role in your company takes time away from management and ends up losing the company money by not having the role filled. Studies have shown that an employee will produce more money for the company than their salary. Also, recruiters can use their network to find candidates quicker and streamline the process, keeping everyone involved and on the same page. Lastly, once the candidate is hired–it requires less time, money, and training because the recruiter found the perfect candidate possessing all the skills needed to excel at the job. 


Recruiters are more likely to attract the best applicant.

Recruiters have already weeded out the less motivated candidates because they do this on a daily basis, unlike most mid-level managers who are often distracted by all the other job responsibilities. Through their extensive network they can find the one top candidate for the job and make them want to work with your company.


Recruiters have insider information.

Since recruiters are a third party, those looking to apply for positions share more information with a recruiter than they would a hiring manager. This gives the recruiter the ability to find them the perfect role. Often times a recruiter will already have a candidate in mind before the job search begins.


You are guaranteed to see results!

Recruiters will be constantly looking to find the right candidate for your company and will not stop until the role is filled. When using an in-office employee they could settle for an employee that might not meet all the needs and expectations of the job.

Use Carbon Three to fill positions in your company and you won’t regret it! You will have the most qualified candidates, ones that match the culture of your company and position you are looking to fill.