Life happens. It gets hard. Sometimes it stays hard for a long time. Ever been in that place in life when you stalled out? Not abruptly stalled, more like putter, putter, putter, putter, pffffff. Yes, that one. Things are going well and then slowly you realize you are looking up a mountain you cannot see the top of. Often times in life, whether that be personal or professional, we experience the dreaded putter.  Last week, we had the pleasure to attend TechWeek’s Detroit Entrepreneur Week. We heard speakers that harnessed the realities of life and conquered their mountain climb. Will you conquer yours?

Summarized from Small Business Cheerleader’s Tisha Hammond‘s talk “From Launch to Ascent” at TechWeek Detroit:

“Where there are obstacles, there are opportunities.” There is an opportunity to either improve, alter your perspective, persevere, seize an opportunity, or to focus on something bigger than yourself.-"We aren't hear to fear the future, we are here to shape it." -Tisha Hammond

If you complain about your job, you need to stop and do something about it. Don’t sit in a job you don’t love. Get a plan in order, make an oath to your future self and change.

“Take your eye off the prize [it is okay to do sometimes!] and you can see everything coming at you.”

Entrepreneurs “push limits. We trample down barriers. At our very best we are told we can’t do it and we do it anyway. We are the people who ask why. Then we ask why not. Then, we are bold enough to ask why not me.”

“There is power in our city’s future. We aren’t here to fear the future, we are here to shape it. Be unapologetic.”

Tisha’s survival tips:

1- Find your stress outlet. What makes you feel good? Is it taking a nap, eating, chopping [something], shopping?
2- Lock your time. Create time for important stuff. This means that you have to say no (gasp!) to the less important stuff.
3- Crack the shell. Break down your walls to keep people out. Allow someone you trust to get close enough to you so you can get vulnerable. Share your idea(s).
4- Let’s be honest. Do you have that person that will speak truth to you?
5- Get your stick (“stick-tuitivness”). Stick to it and hold on, hold on to that dream.

So friends, how do you act in the face of adversity? Let me just tell you, there is no room for excuses……be ready to move.