pitcher throwing baseballIt comes once a year. That time of the year when the sun peaks out a little more, the birds sing their songs of joy, and we American’s dust off our jersey’s and BBQ’s and inhale the succulent smell of hot dogs and beer. It, my friends, is baseball season. And it is glorious.

Why we are here, let’s take some “life” lessons from (the offensive side of) our favorite pastime:

Players/Team: It is very difficult to succeed without the help of your team. Embrace your teammates and let them help you. Embrace your similarities and embrace your differences.

Strikes: You can not get out by standing there watching the third strike go right by you. If you are going to strike out, strike out swinging hard. You don’t know what will happen until you try.

Hits: Most baseball players vividly remember their first ‘hit’ once they (finally) made it to “the show”. Why…because they worked so hard getting there.  Work hard and enjoy even the littlest “hit”.

Home Runs: You can get a home run at one at-bat, but strikeout the next at-bat. Just because you got a home run doesn’t mean you will always get home runs. You will strikeout. But you always have the next hit to look forward to. 

Batting Average: In baseball, every strikeout, every hit, every walk matters. Individually they may not seem like a big deal, but they all add up. If you are a pitcher going against a hitter with a batting average over .350, you are going to pitch differently than you would pitch to a hitter batting .150. Be an ‘(over) .350 hitter’, by putting effort and determination in everything you do.

And hey, if you are struggling, remember you still have the second half of the season to look forward to. (That is all some of us fans have!)

Bonus: Can you guess this field: