Congrats you got the interview! Reality check now….Simply showing up is not enough. One more time: Simply showing up is not enough. Yes, some interviews are less formal so, at times, ‘just showing up’ is okay. But, more often than not, this is a big deal. So, not preparing for your interview can be detrimental to your chances of moving forward. But, you can ‘outshine’ the competition by doing a little prep work.

Incorporate these tips into your interview approach and your dream job could be yours in no time!

  • Review common interview questions.

  • Research the company (find out names!).

  • Plan what to wear.

  • Know what to bring with you (Have extra copies of your resume on hand).

  • Know where you are going (location).

  • Compare your skills to the job qualifications and be sure to focus on those.

Maybe the key to pulling this all together is to get a good night’s rest! The more rested and relaxed you are, the more your confidence shines through. You only get one chance to show to your potential employer that you are THE person for the job.

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