Researching a company before you go in for an interview can give you the confidence you may have otherwise lacked. Just think, if you know the history and background of a company and the hiring team, you can walk in that interview with your head high as you exude confidence.

Here are 4 ways to get the information you need to know before your interview.

1. First, check out their website. Get to know what they do, why they do it, and who does it. Know their leadership structure, why it exists, and who runs the show. If there is an “About” page, read it. This usually tells how they got their start and who the founder(s) are.


carbon three's about us page


2.  Next, search their company page on LinkedIn. On this page you will get more direct information about who they are and what they wish to accomplish. Unlike a website, a LinkedIn company page only has one spot to showcase who they are, so most companies put pertinent information there. On the right side of LinkedIn, you will see “How you are connected”. This will show people who are in your “network”. (If someone in your network works

On the right side of their LinkedIn company page, you will see “How you are connected” or “Employees at: ___  (__ connection)”. This will show people who are in your “network” and work for that organization. (If someone in your network works there reach out to them!) If you want to see everyone who works there, click “see all” right under that. (If you are on mobile app, see pic). This is a great way to put faces to names and is especially useful to check out the interview panel (if known).


LinkedIn company page


3.  A good way to see the culture of the organization before physically being in the office is checking their Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook company pages. This is a great way to gauge office atmosphere and learn more about them and what is important to them before actually being in the office.


carbon three's twitter page


4.  Last, do a Google search of the company. Check sources other than pages you have already been on. Glassdoor, Mashable, and TechCrunch are all mediums that may have covered a story that you may be able to use to impress your panel.


results of a google search for: carbon three


Prep NOW before your interview and you can thank me LATER. Would you add anything to this list? Take yourself to another level by creating a personal website. Find out why you need one here.